Sanjay Gandhi National Park

Two-level cave
Two-level ``cave;'' Cris and a history summary.

This national park is about 10 km from Powai and IIT Bombay, but it took well over an hour (by taxi) to get there because the direct way is through mountain and jungle. Once there we discovered that taxis are not allowed into the park (private vehicles are), so we had to take a local bus to the caves, which are near the summit of the mountain. The wait was well worth it, for the caves are amazing. Some are as big as New England church inside, others are mere cells, but all are carved from the stone to exquisite detail.

Columns room Column detail
Columns Room; Column detail.

Columns frame the caves; Shrine.

Relief detail Wall figures
Wall figures; Relief detail.

Figure and Rajeev
Figure and Rajeev; Figure, Rajeev, Cris.

Krithi and Ranjani
Some reflected; Krithi and Ranjani; Top view of caves.

Krithi and family
Everyone (Cris behind camera) enjoying the view from the top.

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