People in India

On the street, still moments.

People at Ganesh procession, Powai.

Children, parents

Proud mom and daughter.
Kid with geese; with proud mother.

Mr. Kadam and daughters.

Mother and daughter at optician, Powai.
Mom + daughter at optician's.

At Work...

Cedric standing. Cedric at desk, Oberoi. Cedric, Oberoi.
Cedric is in charge of tracking guests' preferences at the five-star Oberoi Hotel in Nariman Point.

3 construction women at GH.
Construction workers at IIT.

2 salesladies, Kayson's. 3 salespeople, Kayson's. Sari saleswomen smiling. Mr Ishwar, Kayson's.
Kayson's Saris, Churchgate: Salespeople; Designer and manager.

Street sweeper, IIT. Street sweeper, IIT.
Lawn care and street sweeping, IIT.

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