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US S.Carolina Mirror of WWW Images -- Liankui Sun <sun@alice.ece.scarolina.edu>
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README file on WWW images

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Top level

  • Arrows (formal links)
  • Misc Color (general)
  • Misc Bitmaps (general)
  • Sub-directories

  • Balls (for lists)
  • Squares (for lists)
  • Diamonds (for lists) -- NEW!
  • Plain/Textured Lines (seperators)
  • Fancy Lines (seperators)
  • Button Arrows
  • Buttons A-H
  • Buttons I-Z
  • Small Buttons
  • Rounded Buttons
  • Latex-to-Html Buttons
  • Action Buttons
  • Box DIY Pieces
  • Symbols and Markers (footnotes, lists)
  • Standard Bitmaps (for headers)
  • Other

    Warning: These directories are NOT part of the download archives (see below) due to space requirments. They are provided to show some of the other icons available to webmasters from AIcons.
    These specific areas can be downloaded from link within these documents.

  • File Index Icons (for this server)
  • Backgrounds - Netscape

  • Readme and Downloads

    The above image example documents show all the images available to anyone in the world. Other image not displayed are logos and symbols of use only on this server itself.

    All the images given pre-converted to the GIF format from Anthony's Icon Library where they are stored as X bitmaps and X pixmaps. Please feel free to take a visit and download any and all icons you find there.

    To make downloading these icons easier, I have provided the following archives of the available WWW icons shown ...

    [grab] Gzip'ed Tar Archive (.tar.gz) for UNIX users. (~200 Kbytes)
    [grab] Directory Indexes to download individual images.

    NOTE: The link ``Zip Archive for PC users'' was discontinued due to problems. PC Users can find the gnu executables ``gtar'' and ``gzip'' to download the GZip'ed Tar file above from the PC archives on most major FTP sites. ASIDE: I am not a PC user, and as such do not have such a site on hand. Mail me some links and I'll include them here.

    WARNING: The filenames of the images in each of these archives are not limited to 8 charcaters, as such PC users may find some icons overwriting others as they de-archive.

    I have also written a small shell script called "images_mirror" which uses the lynx WWW client to download the above tar file and automatically unpack it. This script will allow you to set up a `cron job' to automatically download and un-tar these images on a regular basis for use on your server.

    Dated: 30 May 1995
    Anthony Thyssen, <anthony@cit.gu.edu.au>