bash 1.14.5 will be installed on the exp tree for Ultrix 4.3, OSF3.2, SunOS 4.1.3, AIX 3.2, IRIX 5.2, and Solaris 2.3 tomorrow. The following changes will be made on the exp tree:
in /exp/rcf/share/bin:
bash -> bash-1.14.5
bash.old -> bash-1.14.3

The man pages /exp/rcf/common/man/man1/bash.1,
/exp/rcf/common/man/man1/builtins.1, and
/exp/rcf/common/man/man3/readline.3 will be upgraded.
Update bash Version 1.14.6
The version of the shell bash on the exp tree file be updated tomorrow (Tuesday April 9, 1996), at 8:30am. The new version will be bash-1.14.6. The new version will be installed on the exp tree for Ultrix, OSF, SunOS, AIX, IRIX, HP-UX, and Solaris. The current version of bash will be renamed bash.old, and the current bash.old will be removed.
This file documents the bugs fixed between this release, bash-1.14.6,
and the last public bash release, 1.14.5.

1.  Bugs fixed in Bash
a.  Fix to the `fc' builtin to prevent core dumps when the history list
    is empty.
b.  Fix to `getopts' to keep it from running off the end of the array of
    positional parameters.
c.  FIFOs are now created with mode 600 for security reasons.
d.  The list of active file descriptors connected to files in /dev/fd is
    now properly zeroed when allocated or extended.
e.  Fix to trap so that the exit status is preserved around the command
    executed via `trap 0', unless that command contains a call to exit.
    If a call to exit appears, that will set the exit value for the shell.
f.  Fixed an off-by-one error that caused words to be split incorrectly
    when IFS was set to "'".
g.  Fixed an off-by-one error that caused completion to sometimes fail
    when escaped single quotes appeared in the command line.
h.  Fixed a parser error that occasionally resulted in close braces (`}')
    causing syntax errors.
i.  There is now a machine description for HPUX version 10.x.
j.  Fixed an obscure bug that caused machines without restartable syscalls
    to drop backslash-escaped characters when reading here documents in an
    interactive shell.
k.  Fixed a bug that caused FIGNORE to occasionally allow some completions
    that should be ignored.
l.  New machine descriptions: NetBSD/pmax, Linux/m68k, BSD/OS/sparc.
m.  Fixed a bug that caused the `vi' mode `v' command to execute the
    original command after it was changed in the editor.
n.  Fixed some substitution bugs that left occasional stray CTLNUL characters
    in the results of variable expansion.
o.  Updated machine descriptions: SCOv5.
2.  Bugs fixed in Readline
a.  Fix to the history searching functions so a null search string does
    not cause readline to seg fault.
b.  Fixed a bug in the completion code which caused words appearing on a
    line after a quoted string to not be completed correctly.
What is bash?
Bash is an sh-compatible command language interpreter that executes commands read from the standard input or from a file. Bash also incorporates useful features from the Korn and C shells (ksh and csh).