(From U of MN)

I've installed SGI's version of PVM on the SGI Cluster. PVM_ROOT should be set to /usr/array/PVM. Everything else seems to be the same as the public domain version. Look in /usr/array/PVM for examples and documentation.

We also have the media for SGI's MPI, unfortunately, it is not compatible with our non-POWER nodes.

Pvm 3.3.10 is now the default pvm3 on the SGI cluster. Here is the list of changes in this version. I've splatted (*) the ones that may interest you.

PVM 3.3.10

 Patch #10 contains a bug fix to the shmem message refragmentation
 code. All enhancements and fixes are listed below.

   new contributed NCR AT+T 3/486 port, arch name ATT.
   new contributed port to 803/486 running Solaris 2 (X86SOL2).
 * new script $PVM_ROOT/lib/ipcfree to clean up shared memory segments.
   new misc/ directory to hold random examples, utilities and patches.
   new define NEEDFFS compiles in retrofit ffs().
   new pvmd -t flag for to test slave startup.
   RSHCOMMAND set for several arch's (RS6K RS6KMP SUN4SOL2 SUNMP)
   miscellaneous fixes for pure solaris machines (uname, rsh path, ...).
   small fixes to FREEBSD port (declarations and xdr_float, double routines).
   miscellaneous typos fixed in group server.
    PGON fix - spawned tasks now inherit environment correctly (that of
     pvmd combined with parent task).
 * fix to shared-memory pvmd - stale pages (from dead tasks) are
     skipped, instead of hanging the input loop.
 * fix to shared-memory libpvm - EINTR from semop() is ignored.
   fix to RS6KMP detection (now correctly checks number of processors).
   fix to message refragmentation code, bug caused messages from
     shared memory task to task on another architecture to be corrupted.
   replies to task control messages are freed (small memory leak)