GNU gcc, etc ...

The latest version of gcc/g++ ( and libg++ (2.7.2) will be installed on exp tree (Ultrix, OSF/1, SunOS, Irix, Solaris, AIX and HPUX)
The changes under exp tree are:
 gcc -> gcc-2.7.2
 g++ -> g++-2.7.2
 c++ -> c++-2.7.2
 protoize -> protoize-2.7.2
 unprotoize -> unprotoize-2.7.2
 {platform}-gcc -> {platform}-gcc-2.7.2
 gperf -> gperf-2.7.2
 genclass -> genclass-2.7.2

 libg++.a -> libg++-2.7.1.a
 libstdc++.a -> libstdc++-2.7.1.a
 g++-include -> g++-include-2.7.1

_G_config.h ->_G_config-2.7.1.h
assert.h -> assert-2.7.1.h
GCC problem with IRIX 6.2 (From UMN) I have just found out that the gnu C/C++ compiler package does not work under IRIX6.2 The GNU people know about the problem, and as soon as a new version is released, we will be installing it on the SGI cluster.

In the meanwhile, there are two alternatives:

umass exp tree
======================umass exp tree =============================
gcc-2.6.3       reinstall
libg++-2.6.2    reinstall, remove old g++-include tree.
tk-3.6          addinput patch applied.
                previous version named wish.old, libtk.a.old
tcl-7.3         reinstall
                previous version named tclsh.old, libtcl.a.old
tclX-7.3b       Not available before.
                new binaries (/exp/rcf/share/bin): tcl, wishx
                new libraries (/exp/rcf/share/lib): libtclx.a, libtkx.a
                new includes (/exp/rcf/share/include): tcl++.h, tclExtend.h
libtiff.a       Update to the same version as ultrix/sun exp tree
                and the correct location (/exp/rcf/share/lib/libtiff.a)
gcc/g++ (2.7.0) and libg++ (2.7.0a)

gcc/g++ (2.7.0) and libg++ (2.7.0a) has been installed on exp tree (Ultrix 4.2, OSF 3.0, SunOS 4.1.3, Irix 5.2, and Solaris 2.3)
The changes under exp tree are:

 gcc -> gcc-2.6.3
 g++ -> g++-2.6.3
 c++ -> c++-2.6.3
 $(target)-gcc -> $(target)-gcc-2.6.3
 protoize -> protoize-2.6.3
 unprotoize -> unprotoize-2.6.3
 gperf -> gperf-2.6.2
 genclass -> genclass-2.6.2

 libg++.a -> libg++-2.6.2.a
 libstdc++.a -> libstdc++-2.6.2.a
 libiostream.a -> libiostream-2.6.2.a
 libiberty.a -> libibert.a.gdb
 g++-include -> g++-include-2.6.2
gcc/g++ (2.7.2/1)

The current version of GNU C/C++ compiler (gcc 2.7.2/g++ 2.7.1) are available under exp tree on all platforms except OSF/1 (AIX 3.2.5, HP-UX 10.01, IRIX 5.2, Solaris 2.3, SUN 4.1.3 and Ultrix 4.2A)
We also include the repo patch which enables repository code. For more information of the patch, please refer to the g++ FAQ available at
The current executable and library are rename with version suffix:

gperf -> gperf-2.7.0
genclass -> genclass-2.7.0

libiostream.a -> libiostream-2.7.0.a