GNU gdb etc...

The latest version of gdb (4.14) is available on exp trees for Ultrix 4.2A, OSF 3.0, SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.3, and Irix 5.2. The new executable will be installed as gdb under /exp/rcf/share/bin. The previous gdb will be renamed as gdb-4.13. A symbolic link gdb.old will be pointed to it.
The following libraries under /exp/rcf/share/lib will be added an .old suffix:
    libbfd.a libiberty.a, libmmalloc.a, libopcodes.a, libreadline.a
The following include files under /exp/rcf/share/include will be replaced:
    bfd.h, ansidecl.h, obstack.h, readline/*.h
What is gdb?
The GNU source-level debugger.

Changes in GDB-4.14:

gdb 4.15.1 is available

The latest version of GNU debugger has been installed on all exp trees (AIX, Digital Unix (formerly OSF/1), HP-UX, IRIX, Solaris, SUN, and Ultrix). It should be available on both exp server tomorrow (Jan. 5).
The current program/library will add a -4.14 suffix. The affected files are:

Installed files                 Previous files
gdb                             gdb-4.14

libreadline.a                   libreadline-4.14.a
libmmalloc.a                    libmmalloc-4.14.a
(the followin libraries will be reinstalled but the content should be,
 the same. (from the same source code))

readline                        readline-4.14
There are many know bugs noted in the README file: GDB can produce warnings about symbols that it does not understand. By default, these warnings are disabled. You can enable them by executing `set complaint 10' (which you can put in your ~/.gdbinit if you like). I recommend doing this if you are working on a compiler, assembler, linker, or GDB, since it will point out problems that you may be able to fix. Warnings produced during symbol reading indicate some mismatch between the object file and GDB's symbol reading code. In many cases, it's a mismatch between the specs for the object file format, and what the compiler actually outputs or the debugger actually understands.