a2ps V4.3

a2ps V4.3 has been updated/ installed for the following platforms on the /exp tree:
Alpha - OSF/Digital Unix 3.2G
IBM - AIX 3.2
HP - HPUX 10.01
Ultrix - 4.2/4.3
SGI - Irix 5.3
SGI - Irix 6.2
Sun - SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.5.1
The a2ps executable can be found as /exp/rcf/share/bin/a2ps. The old version, if it existed for the platform, can be found in /exp/rcf/share/bin/a2ps.old.

The HP version will not print directly to a printer. You will need to use the -nP flag and redirect the output to a file. (/exp/rcf/share/bin/a2ps -nP file.dat > file.ps)

The Alpha and the Ultrix version are compiled to support the -s2 option (Print output in two-sided mode).

There is a man page, a2ps.1

What is a2ps?
a2ps is a program to format an ascii file for printing on a postcript printer. The format used is nice and compact: normally two pages on each physical page, borders surrounding pages, headers with useful information (page number, printing date, file name or supplied header), line numbering, etc.