The CSCF is announcing a new TeX system to provide latex2e to the department, and in conjunction with this the December BBL will be about the new TeX system and how to use it. This BBL is aimed at people who are current TeX users who may want to move to the new system. It is important for all people to start moving to the new TeX system, this is the system the CSCF will be supporting. Topics to be discussed:
        0)  Why switch?
        1)  Configuring your environment to use the new system.
        2)  New LaTeX document structure.
        3)  Introduction to packages.
        4)  Using the New Font Selection Scheme (NFSS).
        5)  New float positioning options.
        6)  Slides
HTML and LaTeX versions of the December 1995 Brown Bag Lunch , "Introduction to LaTeX2e," are available with the rest of the Brown Bag Lunch pages on the CMPSCI web server.

Additionally, a new local newsgroup for TeX users has been added called cmpsci.tex . It exists for the community to use to share TeX tips. Serious TeX users will also want to look into comp.text.tex .