The off-campus dialup terminal servers will be updated on Thursday, August 24 at 4:00am.
>From:  IN%"umanet-status@nic.umass.edu" 21-AUG-1995 15:41:46.52
>To:    umanet-status@nic.umass.edu
>Subj:  Xyplex terminal server software to be updated
This week, OIT/Network Systems and Services will be upgrading the software used by the Xyplex terminal servers on the off-campus dialup (545-3700). As part of the upgrade, we will need to reboot these terminal servers, which will cause a brief interruption of service. The reboot will take place at 4:00am on Thursday, August 24. At this time, all sessions on the 545-3700 dialup will be disconnected, and the dialup will be unavailable for approximately 5 minutes while the servers reboot.

Most of the changes in the new version of the software are internal; the one cosmetic difference you will notice is that, upon connecting to the dialup, instead of being required to hit a carriage return to get to the top-level menu, you will immediately be presented with an "Auto Protocol Detect" prompt. At this point you may hit one carriage return and wait for a short timeout period to get to the menu, or you may hit four carriage returns to go to the menu immediately. This change is necessary to support the upcoming PPP service and should not affect most login scripts currently distributed by UMass.