Netscape 2.02 to be installed

Netscape 2.02 will be installed for all architectures except Ultrix effective tomorrow. The current /exp/rcf/share/X11R5/bin/netscape (version 2.01) will be relinked to /exp/rcf/share/X11R5/netscape-2.02/netscape

Netscape 2.02 addresses security concerns related to netscape 2.01. All users of netscape 1.12 and netscape 2.01 are encouraged to read the README file located at: /exp/rcf/share/X11R5/netscape-2.02/README and the release notes located at: Current users of netscape 1.12 should create a link to /exp/rcf/common/X11R5/netscape-2.02/ in their ~/.netscape directory:

cd ~/.netscape
ln -s /exp/rcf/common/X11R5/netscape-2.02/
Current users of netscape 2.01 should remove their existing link to in their ~/.netscape directories and add the above link.