IMSL and Exponent Graphics

Thanks to Vipin Kumar we now have a university wide site license for a group of routines from Visual Numerics Inc. This includes the following:
        IMSL - a set of numerical subroutines in both C and fortran

        Exponent Graphics - A set of subroutines for doing 2D and 3D
                            plots of data (and much more)
The official names of these products are the following:
        CNL - C IMSL routines
        FNL - Fortran IMSL routines
        EG  - Exponent Graphics routines
To use these routines enter the following module command:
        module load imsl
To remove imsl from your environment use
        module unload imsl
After loading the imsl module you can enter the command iptdoc to get an X windows based documentation broswer. To compile and use the routines create a source file (for example test.c) then enter:
        $CC -o test $CFLAGS test.c $LINK_CNL
For Fortran you would use:
        test.f and $LINK_FNL (or $LINK_EG for Exponent Graphics)