xbiff++ will be installed tomorrow for the following Operating Systems: SunOS 4.1.3 Solaris 2.3 OSF/1 3.0 xbiff++ will be installed as:
Sound will be supported on SunOS and Solaris platforms where the optional SOUND demo has been installed and compiled (/usr/demo/SOUND).

What is xbiff++:
The xbiff++ program displays a little image of a mailbox. When there is no new mail, the flag on the mailbox is down. When mail arrives, the flag goes up and the mailbox beeps (or optionally plays a sound on machines running the AudioFile server, HP workstations running the Audio server, or Sun SPARCstations with /dev/audio). It is also possible to have a different image displayed depending on who the mail is from (a picture of their face, for example.) New mail is defined as messages without a "Status:" line in the message header. By default, pressing the left mouse button in the image forces xbiff++ to remember the current size of the mail file as being the ``empty'' size and to lower the flag. Pressing the right button causes xbiff++ to review all new mail (and play any sounds which are appropriate).