Version 1.4.3 of plan has been installed on the exp tree for SunOS, Ultrix, OSF, SGI and AIX under /exp/rcf/share/X11R5/bin with the man pages under /exp/rcf/common/man

What is plan?
plan is a schedule planner based on X/Motif. It displays a month calendar similar to xcal, but every day box is large enough to show appointments in small print. By pressing on a day box, the appointments for that day can be listed and edited. This manual page describes the command line options of plan. For information on how to use plan, refer to the on-line help pages.

plan has two modes: it starts up with a window in interac- tive mode if started without date/time string; with date/time on the command line it adds an appointment to the list. Only one interactive plan per user can run at any time.

pland is a daemon that watches for appointment triggers. The daemon is normally started from your .sgisession or .xses- sion file. It puts itself in the background. If plan is started, it checks for the existence of the daemon, and offers to start one if it can't find it.

notifier displays the standard input in a window, with appropriate titles and background colors. The only program that ever uses it is the daemon; it is a separate program only to keep the daemon small.