mailing list and newsgroup for PC

Due to increasing number of PCs in the department, there is a need for a place where users can share information and help each other. There is a new local newsgroup -- cmpsci.rcf.pc -- which serves this purpose.

There is also a new mailing list called which provides information and help about PCs, including operating system, software announcement, tips, ...etc. We encourge PC users in the departmant to subscribe to this list.

If you want to share PC information via email you need to subscribe to this mailing list to have your name added. Messages sent to this mailing list are also posted to the newsgroup cmpsci.rcf.pc. (but NOT vice versa)

You should be able to subscribe yourself to this list, using the majordomo list server. For more info, send a message to with the word 'help' as the body of the message. For example:

subscribe list [address]
Subscribe yourself (or address if specified) to the named list.

subscribe pc username