SUN SPARCworks Visual for C++

SUN SPARCworks Visual for C++ has been installed on the exp servers for Solaris. All SPARCs currently running Solaris now have access to this software via a site license. SUN SPARCworks Visual for C++ contains the following SUN software:
SPARCworks Common Tools
SPARCworks, 3.1
SPARCworks/iMPact, 3.0
SPARCworks/TeamWare, 1.0.4
SunSoft SW/Visual, 1.1
SPARCompiler C, 4.0
SPARCompiler C++, 4.1

To access this software do the following:

for csh, tcsh users:

setenv PATH /sparcworks/SUNWspro/bin:$PATH
setenv LM_LICENSE_FILE /sparcworks/SUNWste/license_tools/sunpro.lic,node
setenv MANPATH /sparcworks/SUNWspro/man:$MANPATH

for ksh, bash users:

export PATH=/sparcworks/SUNWspro/bin:$PATH
export LM_LICENSE_FILE=/sparcworks/SUNWste/license_tools/sunpro.lic,node
export MANPATH=/sparcworks/SUNWspro/man:$MANPATH

The READMEs for this product can be found in /sparcworks/SUNWspro/READMEs

answerbooks on the exp servers: