flex 2.5.4

flex 2.5.4 has been built for the following platforms:
Alpha - OSF/Digital Unix 3.2G
IBM - AIX 3.2
HP - HPUX 10.01
Ultrix - 4.2/4.3
Sun - SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.5.1
The current name of the executable is /exp/rcf/share/bin/flex.2.5.4. The default executable "flex" currently points to a previous older version. This will change next Thursday such that typing or using "flex" will default to using flex.2.5.4.

The default library file, specified by the "-lfl" switch when compiling, is for the previous older version as well. If you need to link to the new version, use "-lfl-2.5.4". This will change next Thursday such that "-lfl" will specify the new 2.5.4 version of the library file.

The man pages will also be updated on Thursday for version 2.5.4.

flex is a tool for generating scanners: programs which recognized lexical patterns in text. flex reads the given input files, or its standard input if no file names are given, for a description of a scanner to generate. The description is in the form of pairs of regular expressions and C code, called rules. flex generates as output a C source file, lex.yy.c, which defines a routine yylex(). This file is compiled and linked with the -lfl library to produce an executable. When the executable is run, it analyzes its input for occurrences of the regular expressions. Whenever it finds one, it executes the corresponding C code.