Real-Time Systems: Fault Tolerance
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Robust Earliest Deadline Scheduling

Robust Earliest Deadline (RED) scheduling synergistically combines many features including a very important minimum level of guarantee, dynamic guarantees, graceful degradation in overloads, deadline tolerance, resource reclaiming, and dynamic re-guarantees. Experimental results show excellent performance of the this algorithm in normal and overload conditions.

Fault Tolerant Entities in Real-Time

Fault Tolerant Entities in Real-Time (FERT) notation allows specification of adaptive fault tolerance with explicit accounting for deadlines. This work focuses on the topics that lie in the intersection of real-time and fault tolerance.

Current Work

Current activity in this area includes developing the FERT notation, looking at various applications for adaptive fault tolerance, considering the semantics of value, and research of integrated scheduling algorithms. We are especially interested in developing functional, timing and fault tolerance composability techniques. These techniques are to be used both off-line and on-line. We are also designing a Fault Tolerant Spring kernel.

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