Real-Time Systems: System Description Languages
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Spring System Description Language

The Spring System Description Language (SDL) describes the intended target architecture and other details of the actual implementation layout. This helps with the dilemma of combining abstraction and detailed timing analysis. SDL is implemented as a component of the overall Spring system and is also used as an aid in linking and loading the system.

Fault Tolerant Entities in Real-Time

Fault Tolerant Entities in Real-Time (FERT) is a notation for specifying fault tolerance in adaptive real-time systems. This allows designers to express application-specific reliability and performance requirements.

Current Work

Current work in this area includes enhancing both the SDL notation for the Spring environment and the FERT notation as part of a joint effort with 2 European groups: CNR in Pisa, Italy and York, Univ., England. The SDL is also being integrated with the AUTOWEB tool developed by the robotics lab here at the Univ. of Massachusetts.

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