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Real-Time & Database Systems Laboratories
Department of Computer Science
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Real-Time Systems

The Real-Time Systems Group works on areas related to Hard Real-Time systems, whose proper operation depends not only on the correctness of the results but also their timeliness. Our areas of interest include architectural and operating system support for hard real-time systems, scheduling mechanisms for multi-tasking environments under dynamic conditions, and the composable design of adaptable software systems that integrate hard real-time with fault-tolerance, including issues relating to the design-time and run-time assurance of their correctness, timeliness, predictability and reliability properties.

Real-Time Database Systems

Our research focuses on integrating active, real-time, temporal and multimedia databases for crisis management in Massive Digital Data Systems (MDDS).

Database Systems

We are interested in transaction processing, both in extending transactional semantics to novel applications domains and enhancing the quality in traditional domains. We investigate applying transaction concepts and semantics to enhance the performance and functionality of novel, collaborative, open-ended applications, such as workflows and information retrieval. In novel as well as traditional transactional domains, we are studying the essential ingredients of transaction systems (in particular, those of recovery support) and their composition and interaction.

Cris Pedregal Martin
Last Update: 1997 December 3