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Parliament at night Speaker's
Corner, red horns Cris at
Argentina Embassy Selfridges at
Parliament Tower and double-deckers; Speaker's Corner; Embassy row; Selfridges' on Oxford St.


For many foreigners, England is full of déjà vu; visiting after India, the defunct Empire haunts the visitor more than usual. Place names are tribute to the faraway riches that fueled the explosive growth of this otherwise peripheral island, and London gathers the shine of the former colonies, official or otherwise, in red brick, buses and mailboxes, trains and tube, and in the genteel buildings, where commerce has its temples. Here, the West begins, and not just with the zero coordinate of Greenwich.

London icons: phonebox, double decker bus, classic cab.

Green in the middle of the city The Griffin Julia & Tico,
Trafalgar Sq. Dungeon
Parks everywhere; The Griffin; Tico & Julia under sign; ``Enter at your peril''.

Big Rabbit, near Oxford St. Bikes in the fall Girl
crying into cellphone
Big Rabbit near Oxford St.; Autumn bikes; Girl crying on mobile phone.

Trafalgar Square

London at night English
pride Pigeons not
scared in Trafalgar Square
From Trafalgar Square to Parliament; Nelson's Column, pigeons.

National Gallery National Gallery
at night Bus with Chicago musical ad
National Gallery with artist; with phoneboxes; ``Chicago'' double decker.

Man sleeps inside
St. Martin's in the Fields Crypt Cafe,
under St. Martin's in the Fields
Man sleeping inside St. Martin's-in-the-fields; Crypt underneath St-M's.

Buckingham Palace

Gate at Buckingham Palace Sausages,
Buckingham Palace
Gate, wrought iron extravaganza; Sausages (this is not NYC); Local limo.

Victoria Statue
and bird Cris and Victoria, Buckingham Palace Toni, Buckingham Palace
Victoria and bird; Cris dwarfed by Victoria; Toni and Tourists in front of Buckingham Palace.

St. James, Green and Hyde Parks

Gate at Buckingham
to Green Park Commemorative
Bench, Hyde Park
Buckingham Palace from Green Park side; India Golden Jubilee Bench; Green Park.

Cris and runner
in Green Park Learning to bike,
Hyde Park Land Rover in
Hyde Park
Cris and jogger; learning to bike; Land Rover.

Christian at Speaker's Corner Speaker's
Corner (Red Horns), Hyde Park Speaker's
Corner, red horns
Corner, Hyde Park Speaker's
Corner, Hyde Park
Sunday noon at Speaker's corner (notice headgear), complete with American speaker.


Warning at
Heathrow Warning,
Hyde Park Venereal diseases warning, Hyde Park
Heathrow: Refugees' instructions; Hyde Park: Thieves warning, Veneral diseases.

Signs at Green
Park Look Right
Green Park: What's where; Tower of London: Look Right.

Trains, Buses, The Tube

A train at Victoria Station Local buses outside Victoria Station
Victoria Station: Trains and Buses.

Mural on the Tube Tube station

Inside a car, tube Inside a car, tube
Tube stations; On train, propriety reigns; Some cars are indeed tube-shaped.

Escalators, tube Escalators in the tube Mind the Gap, tube
Long escalators, as the tube runs deep underground; A small gap merits constant reminder.

signs in Belgravia

Shopping: Oxford St and environs

Selfridges', Oxford
St Selfridges at
night Formal and
comfortable wear, Harvie & Hudson
Shopping capital: Selfridges, like a temple; H & H: relaxed and formal attire for men.

display with mobile phone
Cellphoned and arranging display; Cris shopping for a suit.

MG, Oxford
Parked on Oxford St.: the sixties' British roadster, revisited.

East London: The Docklands

Canary Wharf from
the DLR Canary Wharf DLR
from above
Canary Wharf from
above Canary Wharf
Tower Millenium
Canary Wharf (Docklands): Docklands Light Rail tracks; docks; shiny corporate offices; Millenium Dome.

Canary Wharf from
the DLR Toni at the Island Gardens DLR station
DLR stations: Canary Wharf buildings; Island Garden; Millenium dome (East India).

Millenium Dome
from the DLR
From Blackwall station: Canary Wharf; No driver but conductor on DLR; Millenium dome.

Pony at Collier Close Toni and Pony at Collier Close
Rural life in Eastern London, near Koen & Toni's, Beckton.

Cris inside K &
T's apartment
At home with Koen: cheese and wine from the Continent....


24 hour clock, Greenwich Observatory Unusual clock
Clocks in Greenwich: at Royal Observatory; at a shop (what's wrong?).

streetcorner Park
Greenwich and its parks shine in the Autumn dusk.

Cutty Sark
The Cutty Sark, forever docked in Greenwich.

Royal Naval
Academy, sundown Royal Naval Academy Queen's house
framed by RNA
Royal Navy School: Inside courtyard (looking E); from across Thames (looking S); Framing Queen's House (S).

Chapel, Naval
Academy Chapel,
Naval Academy
Inside the Navy Chapel: anchor and altar; old glass.

Royal Naval
Academy and Queen's house Courtyard, Royal Observatory
Greenwich Observatory: View of Queen's House and RNS; Courtyard; Planetary.

Sign for
Gentlemen's public bathroom Gentlemen's public bathroom
Red, white, and blue mark excellent public restrooms.

Tax the Fat
Covered market; Gamblers (horse races on TV?); Tax the Fat Cats.

Greenwich tunnel Hardware
details, Greenwich tunnel Lift, Greenwich
To Greenwich: Tunnel beneath the Thames; detail of its hardware; view from the lift.

The Thames

Trees on the
Trees and people enjoy the river.

Bridge at night Tower of
Tower Bridge and Tower of London from Tower Bridge.

across Thames, at night St. Paul's at
night, across Thames
Parliament; St. Paul's.

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