Muro y cielo, Toledo

lowercase musings about my photographs

i love taking pictures, for sure, but
you ask my whys and i don't know if i have
them clear enough to say in any way. sometimes
they show me a place that i've been to but in
a way i hadn't seen: there is a wall in toledo
i photographed, where it meets the sky, almost
vibrant as if pouring out the spanishness of the
sun onto the picture, the stone of the wall the
history -our past, in a way, stonemasons and
scholars jewish and muslim and christian and many
many unsung atheists, agnostics and freethinkers
too- and i see that picture and i am there again,
but more. and yet when i took it i was there too, and
so much there, so much peripheral vision and hearing
and smell, and most of the time i was walking and
watching people and enjoying with my small camera
in my pocket, ready but forgotten.

                                  cris pedregal martin
                                      february, 2001