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This version of the search engine has been designed for high performance. It uses a novel query processing algorithm developed by Mohan Kamath, the architect and author of the search engine. This search engine runs on a single processor alpha workstation. Average CPU time consumed for queries is less than 0.5 seconds (on an average 10 times faster than the previous version of the search engine).

Several keywords can be specified with a space in between each (e.g. query optimization). The entries returned will contain all the keywords specified (AND search on all keywords). If you want to retrieve items in which keyworda and keywordb appear next to each other (in that order) you can specify a - (hyphen) between the two keywords (e.g. query-optimization). In a query there can be more than one hyphens (e.g. distributed-query-optimization). Other options for maximum number of entries returned, case sensitive search and partial match is same as the previous version of the search engine.

Note: The underlying database does not contain entries from the last two years.

Maximum Number of Entries to be returned:
Case Sensitive Search: Partial Match: <--(keyword is part of a string)

If you have problems/suggestions and pointers to bibliography entries that could be added to our database, please send mail to the author - thanks!

Mohan Kamath 1995
Last Update: December 20, 1995

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