CARTS Demonstration Description
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

The demonstration shows one cell in a manufacturing floor consisting of a rotating table with parts (in this specific case colored balls) arriving non-deterministicly. Other features of the cell include a linear table, a robot, a delivery table consisting of tubes to place the products into, a flapper to move the parts from the rotating table to the linear table as well as two cameras: one for detecting the color of the balls on the rotating table, the other for scanning for the exact position of a ball after it has been moved to the linear table by the flapper.

The system accepts orders to be filled in the form of number of balls to be assembled into a tube, color of each ball, ordering vs non-ordering of the balls, value of order and two deadlines. Orders are accepted when the ai planner in conjunction with the Spring Kernel's scheduler determines the feasibility of completion of the product within the deadline. Orders are then filled under the direction of the scheduler by the flapper moving balls from the rotating table to the linear table followed by the robot picking them up and delivering them to a particular tube.

Click the demo icon to see a movie of the graphical representation of the demonstration. (2280294 bytes)