Real-Time Systems: Spring SCCS Branch Creation
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

What follows are notes on how to go about establishing a branch line of development using the spring source code control system. July 1995. determine branch location
figure out where in the product history you want the branch to fork from. for the spring system this often spans multiple products that have to be synchronized to result in a viable system (e.g. kernel, sgs components (sbug, sdl, sgs-tools, libc, spr-cc, comm)). obviously this requires spring developers to occasionally checkpoint all products that have been modified to add/fix a particular feature. this checkpoint should be done with a consistent history comment so future developers can coordinate products (e.g. see "initial threads version"). a better synchronization/coordination facilty is needed, but that's another story. check product history {histu} create the source tree make the directory {mkdir $s/teo/src/kernel}
set the unit name {set_unit kernel}
get the right version (see above) {getu -r1.53}
create the Makefile {spring-itomf}
get subtree files (if required) {make Populate}

create the branch edit the slist {editsl -b -r1.53}
[establish the branch {chksl -y"establish branch"}]
edit each file as needed {editf -b file_list}
[establish file branch for each file {chkf -y"establish branch}]
IS -b option required whenever a file is edited for first time??

create the build tree make the directory {mkdir $s/teo/decstation/kernel}
link the Imakefile {ln -s $s/teo/src/kernel/Imakefile $s/teo/decstation/kernel/Imakefile}
create the Makefile {spring-itomf}
create the dependencies {make depend}
[make the subtree (if required) {make subtree-setup}]

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